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Startup (free)

Top Ranking on Search results pages in the marketplace
Top Listing on products page
Artificial Intelligence features to attract new customers & increase sales
Web-store equipped with machine learning algorithms to protect your investments in the marketplace
E-marketing & sales tools to promote own web-store
Web-store integrated with shopping cart & secure payment gateway
Set own target markets (where to sell & ship to) to get exposed to larger markets
Ship worldwide with ease using MaaJoba built-in flexible & customizable shipping tools
Add own shipping carriers & set up shipping fees
Add & sell unlimited products, packs and/or wholesales
Build seamlessly own Business Network to increase sales
Offer Great Promo Deals: Early Bird, Free Shipping, Buy More & Pay Less
Offer discounts & promo deals to new & existing customers to increase sales
Sell customized gift cards
Email Marketing tools: send promo deals & best priced products alerts to your customers
Process Order: Track shipping, orders, deliveries & process disputes/refunds with ease
Real-time sales reports & store inventory
MaaJoba e-Wallet (Express Checkout)
Customer service support (24/7)
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Insertion Fee $ 0.00
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