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NEWEST ANDROID 9.0 PIE OS: Smarter, faster, more powerful than ever, tablets with whole new Android 9.0 is here! Besides Pie’s updated security level and visual improvements, you will also be impressed, like its excellent adaptive battery system, AI-based shortcuts and notification management. Pie may not be the most significant new feature in the operating system, but it’s definitely the most distinctive and the most outstanding.
ENHANCED PERFORMANCE: Android tablet configures with powerful Rockchip 3326 quad-core processor with frequency up to 1.5GHz which greatly enhance the performance while running smoothly multiple applications simultaneously. 6000mAh battery is adequate for playback 6 hours more in video.
MASSIVE MEMORY: Built-in 2GB big RAM with Android 9.0, no worry about tablet would lag in playing games and multitasking, memory with 32GB ROM, supporting up to 128GB with TF card, there’s adequate storage space for images, videos, songs, popular applications and other files to this 10 inch tablet
10 INCH BIG SCREEN: Tablet is equipped with 10.1 inch multi-touch screen, Full HD 1280 x 800 resolution, thanks to its IPS technology, H10 tablet is delivering a crystal-clear and vibrant visual even outdoors, which features wide-angle viewing and eye-strain-relief.
YOUR PORTABLE MOVIE THEATRE: This 10 inch tablet weighs just 1.1 pounds, about the same weight as a bottle of cola(500ml) — is a highly portable device that you can enjoy your favourite Netflix or HBO series anywhere. Built-in dual camera will be adequate for Skype video chat and taking pictures.