Why MaaJoba  

We make e-commerce technology easy and hassle-free for Africans and anyone in the world (particularly growing economies) to sell online. With our built-in flexible and customizable shipping features (Pick-ups, Road, Air, Sea) and advanced e-marketing, sales and social business networking tools, MaaJoba traders are exposed to larger markets they never thought they would be able to tap into.
Being exposed to larger markets means more sales opportunities and growth that they would not be able to achieve with any other e-commerce platforms. This is what makes MaaJoba’s heart and its cutting-edge e-commerce technology and business model. MaaJoba traders have the ability to expand in no time their target market with our our built-in sales tools and unmatched features.
We make it safe and easy to grow your e-commerce while focusing on your core activities as we take care of the technology and provide unmatched features that help drive growth. MaaJoba traders have the option to sell a variety of goods at retail price and/or wholesale price.
In addition, they can sell customized gift cards and offer their customers a variety of promotional discounts/coupons to increase their customer’s buying power and drive up sales. Our traders have all it takes to run a successful e-commerce business.
On the other hand, we make it easy and hassle-free for buyers to shop MaaJoba. We take care of the technology by enriching their online shopping experience and making it as smoothly as possible. They can swiftly navigate product listings, search products, shop multiple stores at once and use our user-friendly checkout feature to securely pay at once. They can also pay for their order expressly without using their credit card if they have enough fund in their MaaJoba e-wallet.